We live in a society where we are told what to wear and how to look, act and speak.

In other words, we are told who to be. They are threatened by anyone who’s different. They teach us to be anything but ourselves. When they see someone who doesn’t fit their image, they bully them until they break them. For a period of time, we start to believe that who we are isn’t good enough for this messed up society. We don’t realize that being different is what makes us special. We get so caught up in the society, that we forget who we are. I, being different, am what makes me stand out, I thrive because I’m different, I glow because I’m different.

I’m beautiful because I’m different. Everything about me is different and that’s just enough for me. I love who I am. I’m perfectly imperfect. I will never change who I am because this is what I’m meant to be; shining bright in this dull world!